New Arrivals News!

In this section, you can see the list of the items arriving @ Toyz Corner per shipment day.

Please note:

  • Not all items arriving are available for sell, because many of them are already pre-ordered by our members
  • If shipment only come partially for certain item, then it will be distributed based on 'first come, first serve' basis. For those who havent gotten their order, please wait for the next shipment to come

Okay, here is the list of the shipments below:

New shipment 20 May 2017: (Rp. 13477 /USD -- 9677 /SGD)
[HT] Civil War Black Panther
[HT] Civil War Falcon
[HT] Civil War Winter Soldier
[HT] Iron Man Mark 30 Blue Steel
[HT] Suicide Squad Joker Tuxedo Ver.
[HT] Iron Man Mark 42 Quarter Scale
[HT] Iron Man Mark 42 Deluxe Quarter Scale
[XM] Cable
[XM] Lizard
[XM] Hulk Bust 1/4 Scale
[Custom] Death Base

New shipment 10 May 2017: (Rp. 13422 /USD -- 9523 /SGD)
[3Zero] Titanfall M-Core Ogre
[3Zero] Titanfall M-Core Ogre Exclusive
[HT] Resident Evil 6 - Leon F. Kennedy
[HT] Civil War - Ant-Man
[HT] Civil War - Scarlet Witch
[Prime1] TMNT Bebop
[Prime1] TMNT Rocksteady
[Prime1] BvS Dawn of Justice - Superman 1:2 Scale
[XMS] Black Panther
[XMS] Punisher
[XMS] HX Project Marvel Assemble - Red Skull

New shipment 1 Mar 2017: (Rp. 9562 /SGD)
[XMS] Hulk Bust
[XMS] Venom Bust
[XMS] Darkness Statue
[XMS] Vulture Statue

New shipment 23 Feb 2017: (Rp. 9482 /SGD)
[Bandai] SOC Golion
[XMS] Captain America Sentinel of Liberty

New shipment 8 Feb 2017: (Rp. 9464 /SGD)
[XMS] Ghost Rider

New shipment 1 Feb 2017: (Rp. 13416 /USD)
[3A] Optimus Prime
[3A] Optimus Prime Exclusive
[3A] Starscream
[3A] Starscream Exclusive
[HT] Suicide Squad Joker Arkham Asylum Version
[HT] Suicide Squad Joker Imposter Version
[HT] Rogue One Darth Vader
[HT] Rogue One Stormtrooper Jedha Patrol Exclusive
[HT] Force Awakens Rey Resistance Outfit Version
[HT] Resident Evil 6 Ada Wong
[HT] Iron Man Sneaky Version
[HT] Quarter Scale Iron Man Mark 45
[HT] Quarter Scale Iron Man Mark 45 Exclusive
[King Arts] Hulkbuster 1/9 Figure
[PCS] E. Honda 1/4 Statue
[Prime1] Bumblebee Statue
[Prime1] Bumblebee Statue Exclusive
[Prime1] Arkham Knight - Arkham Knight 1/3 Statue
[Prime1] Arkham Knight - Arkham Knight 1/3 Statue Exclusive
[Prime1] Arkham Knight - Batman 1/3 Statue Exclusive

New shipment 31 Dec 2016: (Rp. 9345 /SGD)
[HT] Princess Leia Special Edition
[XM] Mysterio
[XM] Batman (Samurai)

New shipment 10 Dec 2016: (Rp, 13404 /USD)
[HT] Finn (First Order Stormtrooper Ver)
[HT] Civil War - Black Widow
[HT] Civil War - Hawkeye
[HT] Deadpool
[HT] Diecast Iron Man 2 - War Machine
[HT] Giant Cosbaby Civil War Captain America
[HT] Giant Cosbaby Civil War Iron Man Mk46

New shipment 26 Nov 2016: (Rp. 9526 /SGD)
[XM] The Darkness[XM] Iron Man Mark 7 (final batch)
[XM] Wolverine (ICC lucky dip)
[XM] Phoenix (ICC lucky dip)
[XM] Incredible Hulk (ICC lucky dip)
[XM] HX Avengers Assemble - Hulk
[XM] HX Avengers Assemble - Iron Man Mark 50

New shipment 21 Nov 2016: (Rp. 13505 /USD)
[3Zero] Breaking Bad Jesse Pinkman
[3Zero] Fallout 4 - T-45 Power Armor Exclusive Edition
[GSC] Nendoroid BvS - Superman
[GSC] Nendoroid Star Wars Force Awakens - First Order Stormtrooper
[HT] Civil War - Captain America
[HT] BvS - Batman
[HT] BvS - Armored Batman[HT] BvS - Armored Batman Black Chrome
[HT] BvS - Batman & Superman (Normal)
[HT] BvS - Batman & Superman (Special Edition)
[HT] Star Wars Force Awakens - Rey
[HT] Star Wars Force Awakens - Rey & BB-8
[HT] Star Wars Rogue One - Death Trooper Specialist
[HT] Avengers 2 - Ultron Mark 1
[HT] Iron Man 3 - Iron Man Mark 7 Sub-Zero


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