From time to time, we will be offering pre-order to you. Definition of pre-order is ordering in advance for an item that will be released in certain period of time by a particular company. And usually, pre-order is cheaper than buying retail.


  • TC guarantees our customers to received the item you pre-order. Sometimes it may take awhile for us to fulfill your order if there is a shortage in the market, but we will deliver our promises to you as one of our commitment. The only time we cannot fulfill our commitment is when:
    • The manufactures cancel their production
    • There is a strict restriction not to distribute outside US for instance.
  • Pre-order price is usually cheaper than TC retail price, except for certain occasions.
  • TC honors our deal! Between pre-order and release date of an item, some circumstances my occur, such as an increase of foreign currencies, increase of shipping fees, or shortage of an item in the market that will drive price increase before it arrives in our place. If that happens, you will still pay the same price we were dealing at the beginning. One exception, if the manufacture / distributor changes their official price, then we have to adjust the price also.
  • Down Payment is only a small fraction of the price. And if you are TC Regular Customer who has a flawless record, DP is not even required for certain brands.


  • Down Payment is needed to secure your pre-order, unless you are exempt!
  • Full payment is required MAXIMUM 2 WEEKS after your order has arrived. We will notify you of item arrival.
  • Your pre-order price will be adjusted to additional 10% IF PAYMENT IS NOT RECEIVED WITHIN 2 WEEKS after your order is ready. No cancellation will be accepted.
  • Whenever shipment is divided into several shipments, then rules of "First Pay First Get" will be applied. If stocks are out, then you have to wait for the next shipment. Don't worry, you will still get your orders as they are guaranteed.
  • Please note the deadline for early bird price! Orders after deadline are subject to LATE PO if available.
  • We reserve the rights to close any pre-order anytime before dateline.


  • Payment is accepted in RUPIAH only.
  • Convert Rate is using Bank of Indonesia Selling Rate. You could check the rate here
  • Pay-off Formula will be: Price x BI Selling Rate - Down Payment
  • Rate converted on THE DAY OF ITEM ARRIVAL @ Toyz Corner which will be announced at this website (New Arrival News Section), unless there are certain circumstances.
  • Whenever shipment of an item is divided into several shipments, the rate will follow the first shipment. This way, price of an item will be uniform for all the customers.

As for the time being, the complete pre-order info will only be sent via Toyz Corner Mailing List System. Info for pre-order item such as price, estimate time arrival (ETA), deadline, and picture of the item, will be email to all of you who is registered in the mailing list.
To join the milis, just go to


Closing Jan 2017:

XMS Shibumi    


Closing Mar 2017:

XMS Namor XMS Kingpin  


Closing Apr 2017:

XMS Mary Jane XMS Iron Fist       


Closing May 2017:

XMS Beta Ray Bill XMS Red Ranger


Closing Jun 2017:

XMS Black Cat     


Closing Jul 2017:

HT Arkham Knight HT Diecast Iron Man Mark 47 XMS Red Skull Prime 1 Studio Flash   


Closing Aug 2017:

XMS Magdalena XMS Magdalena   


Closing Nov 2017:

XM Winter Soldier XMS Lizard Bust XMS Darth Vader Set XMS Moon Knight  


Closing Dec 2017:

XMS Spider Gwen XMS Darth Maul XMS Luke in Rebel Pilot Suit XMS Weapon X 


Closing Jan 2017:

XMS Catwoman     


Closing Apr 2018:

XMS Storm HT MMS 481 Captain America  


Closing May 2018:

XMS Optimus Prime XMS Batgirl (Samurai) Sideshow Tinkerbell       


Closing Jun 2018:


Closing Jul 2018:

XMS Viking Thor XMS Bane (Samurai) XMS Starscream G1 XMS Magneto White   


Closing Aug 2018:

XMS The joker Rebirth HT MMS500D27 Iron Man Mark 7


Closing Sep 2018:

HT MMS 501 Shuri            


Closing Oct 2018:

Edna Mode Statue Mr. Incredible Statue Tuxedo Mickey Statue     


Closing Nov 2018:

HT MMS-506  


Closing Dec 2018:

XM Wonder Woman Rebirth XM Mystique      


Closing Jan 2019:

XM Aquaman Rebirth XM Star-Lord XM Rocket & Groot     


Closing Feb 2019:

XM Predator Warrior                                            

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